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    The pace of change for pensions never slows. Our technical team are here to break down the complex rules into simple bite-size pieces making pension legislation easy to understand.

    With the rules for Isas growing ever more complicated, with new types of Isa and new features, our technical team are here to help you navigate the maze of rules

    Understanding the complex rules for on-shore and off-shore investment bonds and how they integrate with UK tax is essential. Our technical team are here to give you the low-down on the full range of investment bonds and the advantages they may offer your clients.

    `Trusts are an effective way of managing assets, enabling clients to control and protect family assets, and to pass on assets in the most tax-efficient manner. Our technical team can help you understand the technical aspects of trusts.

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    Charlotte MacDonald – product technician
    Lindsay Mclean – product technician
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    This section discusses the rules when pension scheme members die.

    Death benefits explained

    An overview of the rules when a pension scheme member dies

    From age 55, individuals can withdraw as much of their pension benefits as they want, whenever they want.

    Pensions and age 75

    This factsheet outlines the key changes that take place at age 75, impacting pension planning and highlights areas where a review and action may be suitable.

    Flexi-access drawdown – case study

    Case study of how flexi-access drawdown could work in practice


    This factsheet examines how the pension freedom rules change the options for annuities

    Ill health and early retirement

    This factsheet examines the options people have to take some or all of their pension benefits when they need to stop working due to ill health

    Isas are a key part of a client’s financial planning.

    The single-tier state pension

    The single-tier state pension was introduced in April 2016 for all those who retired after this date

    This section discusses how much individuals can withdraw from their pensions and the protections introduced.

    The lifetime allowance

    An overview of the rules of how much an individual can withdraw from their pension schemes

    Enhanced and primary protections

    Primary and enhanced protection were introduced in 2006 to help individuals protect their benefits from the new lifetime allowance

    Protections from 2012

    Fixed and individual protections were introduced to help individuals protect their benefits from falls in the lifetime allowance

    Information on tax-year-end investments.

    Pension transfers – an overview

    An overview of the rules applying to transfers of pensions


    What you need to know about tax

    Tax and income for the tax year end

    This factsheet highlights tax planning points in relations to tax and income for the tax year end.

    Tax efficient investments for tax year end

    In this factsheet we consider a range of planning points in relation to tax wrappers and tax-efficient investments for the tax year end.

    Isas are a key part of a client’s financial planning.

    Isa and tax year end

    In this factsheet, we look at things to think about for the tax year end in relation to Isas in the approach to the tax year end 2018-19.

    Junior Isa

    A Junior Isa (Jisa) is a medium to long term tax-free savings and investment account for children.

    Isas – the basic rules

    A broad overview of the rules to help navigate the Isa regime

    Additional permitted subscriptions

    This factsheet gives more information about how additional permitted subscriptions (APSs) work on the death of an Isa account holder


    There are key differences between onshore and offshore bonds, meaning they may be more appropriate for different types of investor.

    Offshore vs onshore

    There are key differences between onshore and offshore bonds, meaning they may be more appropriate for different types of investor

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