Karen has 20 years of marketing experience, utilising online technology and the media to market financial services to consumers. Over the last decade she has positioned unbiased.co.uk as the UK’s leading ‘find an adviser’ search. Unbiased.co.uk are proud to have collected numerous awards and accolades along the way, including Most Effective E-commerce campaign, best finanical PR campaign and Award for Marketing Excellence (Financial Services Forum).

The ripples from the pension reforms are only beginning. A year that will bring unprecedented changes should see a corresponding surge in people seeking advice. Karen Barrett explains how advisers can position themselves to seize this opportunity and make sure they don’t miss the tide.

We in the advice business may be about to see the biggest consumer rush since Apple started making phones. Or not. That’s the thing about these pension freedoms – they are unprecedented. We can make educated guesses about how things will pan out, but no-one really knows.