Sim Sangha is business development director of Sammedia Limited, which works with some of the UK's most exceptional advisory businesses looking to bring advice online. The company works with businesses in personal financial advice and planning, wealth management and workplace.

Making a technology decision to introduce a client portal is the easy bit. Communicating the service, building adoption and getting clients to use it regularly requires more effort.  Sim Sangha offers a checklist of basic tips to consider when introducing new technology to clients.

1) Understanding client problems is key.

For most of us, financial services is complex and the data on all our products is spread across many providers. Your clients want their finances to be easier to manage.

Last year, more people accessed the web via tablets and phones than laptops and desktops. Sim Sangha explains why it is vitally important for your firm to ensure its website is easily accessible on these devices - and allows clients and prospects to reach the right information quickly and conveniently.

The way clients and prospects access the internet is changing rapidly.

This infographic highlights the different generational attitudes towards technology.

It reveals how firms can choose a digital strategy most appropriate for their client banks, while thinking about how to service future generations.

Questions advisers should ask themselves to inform the basis of a digital strategy include:

  • how do clients want to engage with advisers?
  • which devices are they likely to be using?
  • what is it they want to access?