Andrew Hart is a Financial Planner with Serenity Financial Planning, based in London. He has worked in financial services for over ten years, initially focusing on the mortgage and insurance market but quickly realising that his passion was financial planning. Andrew has rapidly become a financial planning specialist and now coaches leading advisers and firms on Voyant planning software through his consultancy

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Regardless of how well we think we’ve trained our clients, they will still make most of their decisions on emotion over logic. We suffer from this when we make decisions in other realms of our lives. However hopefully we show fewer biases with our money management and our skills in achieving financial success.

Andrew Hart of Serenity Financial Planning and The Voyantist says the key to providing a holistic financial planning service is use of software. 

How close are robo advisers getting to the financial adviser space? Andrew Hart of Serenity Financial Planning and The Voyantist takes a look and discusses what you can do to get ahead.

Carl Richards of the Behavior Gap will talk – and sketch – about the value of a real adviser in a world currently obsessed with robots at our annual strategy event on 4 February. Limited places are still available.

Andrew Hart of Serenity Financial Planning and The Voyantist discusses the four pieces of tech that can help make your practice more efficient, including a piece of online meeting scheduling software that’s saved him 10 hours a month.

Andrew Hart takes a look at what’s changed since the retirement reforms were introduced in April, what might be coming up, and what he’d like to see in the government’s consultation.

Is technology-driven ‘advice’ a threat or an opportunity for face-to-face financial planning? Andy Hart, financial planner with Serenity FP and founder of takes a view.

The rate of technological change over the last half century has been mind blowing. In the 1960s Gordon Moore was famous for observing that computing power was doubling every 18 to 24 months. This became known as Moore’s Law. Due to the compounding effect of such a discovery we are now at a point where computing power has become exponential.

Andrew Hart of The Voyantist reports on how cashflow modelling can benefit both clients and advisers. He discusses choosing the right cash flow modelling tool for your business, and how to adapt it within your financial advice process.