Chris is the director of Cervello Financial Planning and also an experienced financial planner with over 13 years experience in helping clients achieve their financial goals.

Chris Daems explains the six business principles which guide him as a business owner

Lets start with a question…

What are your principles?

What are your fundamental truths which you use to help you make decisions?


Do you have certain principles which guide your decisions in business as well as personally?

I’ve got a few principles which help guide me make decisions in a number of areas of my life. As a man, as a dad, and as a business owner.

Many business ideas start with trying to solve a problem.

Either they're trying to find a way to help support an under served market or to deliver a solution which has been designed to improve on the status quo in one form or another.
My auto-enrolment tool provider AE in a Box was no different.
We wanted to build a solution which provided compliance support to the 1.8 million small and micro employers who were due to co

Why you should go beyond qualifications to stand out from your peers and focus on differentiators with substance.

As social animals the most natural thing in the world for us to do is to more often the not is to 'follow the crowd'.

You see there's safety in numbers. There's safety in certain social conventions.

There's safety in agreement. I for one know that in a lot of ways that I'm influenced by my family, friends and peers.

In a comprehensive white paper authored by Chris Daems, the commercial opportunities within the fast-developing market of automatic enrolment are considered.

Automatic enrolment is one of the most far-reaching pieces of workplace pension legislation. It impacts all employees, regardless of whether their job is within the micro sector, SME market or they are employed within a larger business.

It also impacts all employers too, ranging from those with a workforce of millions all the way to the smallest firms.

Chris Daems warns fellow advisers to ignore auto enrolment at their peril.

Like many in the financial planning and advice community many of the best lessons I learn are from those within our profession. In fact the majority of my best ideas aren't mine at all! Instead they're a combination of research, experimentation and most of all learning from individuals within our field who I like, trust and respect (It's one of the reasons I try to spend a decent amount of time networking with fellow professionals).