Katy Owen is a financial adviser at Pembrokeshire-based Thomas and Thomas Finance and joined financial services in 2013 with a BA (Hons) from the University of Wales. She regularly contributes to the Thomas and Thomas news articles and is well regarded within the ‘next generation’ of financial planners in the UK. Katy is a member of the Personal Finance Society and is a fully qualified financial planner accredited by the CII

Many advisers are experiencing difficulties finding the right people to join their firms.

Taking on graduates could be the solution to many recruitment problems. Young may not have the experience that an adviser who has been in the industry for over 20 years has, but has enthusiasm, motivation, fresh ideas and a naturally social media and online marketing-savvy mind which can really boost your business.

Another benefit to hiring graduates is that if you invest in their growth and give them an encouraging environment, they’re more than likely to stay for longer.

A year ago I created an ethical portfolio for our clients at Thomas and Thomas Finance. I wanted to create a portfolio that focused solely on environmentally friendly investments funds.