Howard Scott is director of independent advice at Bolton-based H. J Scott. He is a chartered and certified financial planner as well as a chartered wealth manager and has been working in financial services since 1987.

Life insurance doesn’t exist. Obviously you are insuring against the event of your death, not the event of your continued life. But hey, who would buy a “death insurance” policy? That’s nice marketing spin by the insurance companies.

So who wants to invest in shares listed on the Alternative Investment Market? The AIM. It just sounds decidedly dodgy doesn’t it? Someone needs to apply some marketing spin to make this investment sound like a more attractive proposition. Please can we lose the Alternative?

When was the last time you referred to yourself as a financial adviser?

Financial advisers existed in the late 80’s and early 90’s as the gate-keepers to financial products. They all died out like the dinosaurs did, or were forced into the slavery of their vertically integrated paymasters.

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After almost 30 years, the work I do for clients has changed dramatically.