Thomas is the financial crime analyst at Nucleus, responsible for the ongoing monitoring of policies and controls we have in place to combat financial crime. He's been a member of the Nucleus compliance team since May 2016 bringing with him several years of experience gained in fraud and AML roles at major high street banks.

The 2015 amendments in pension legislation have made it considerably easier for your clients to get their hands on their hard-earned pension.

Official figures published in January show that a total of 1.5m people have drawn £9.2bn from their pension savings under the new rules. These changes haven’t just made it easier for your clients to get their hands on a nest egg though….

It’s a great feeling to be told you're due a tax rebate, however it’s important you don’t let this feeling outweigh your senses. Tax refund scams are on the rise at this time of year following the recent deadline for self-assessments.

Take a look at the emails below and see if you think there's anything unusual about them.

With Christmas fast approaching everyone is busy rallying around shops and online retailers searching for that perfect gift. This annual spike in consumerism presents opportunities for fraudsters to get their hands on your hard-earned cash.

Did you know that simply opening an anonymous e-card could infect your client’s device putting their personal details and investments at risk?