Iona Bain is the founder of the Young Money Blog, the first blog dedicated to young people’s finances. She was named money blogger of the year at the Santander media awards, and published her book Spare Change in 2016. Iona appears regularly on television and radio, and is a senior broadcast journalist with the BBC. Her work has also appeared in several national newspapers. Iona also speaks at conferences and public events, giving her time to causes like personal finance education and young enterprise.

Millennials are broke, fed-up and too busy stuffing their faces with avocados in order to forget about their gloomy futures.

Or so the cliché goes… but is there more to the story?

An emerging body of evidence suggests the outlook for generation Y may not be entirely hopeless. With an estimated £5.5trn set to trickle down the generations in the next 30 years, a sizable number of young Brits will eventually come into serious money, thanks to asset-rich parents and grandparents.

As the founder of the Young Money blog, I can honestly say I feel proud to work in the financial field. Most of us don’t intend to come into this sector (I trained as a musician, for Pete’s sake!) but I am pretty sure that what keeps us here is a genuine desire to help people.

There is, however, something that makes me feel less proud, and that is the financial industry’s well-documented problems with diversity. And that’s not just reflected in the make-up of the industry, still mostly belonging to one demographic (we all know which one).