In a downturn, fee conversations can become that much more difficult. But there's a myriad number of ways planners can prove their value.
Mark Harman discusses the emerging role of cashflow modelling in plugging the advice gap and supporting intergenerational planning.

Mark Harman is chief executive of i4C, and has a track record in building great teams in the software as a service (SaaS) and data technology sectors. 

His experience spans senior roles in firms providing mergers and acquisitions services and strategic advice, as well as in data analytics software.

When Epoch Wealth Management was set up in 2010, the team knew from the start that they didn’t want to be just another investment adviser.

They already had a number of clients who were after more than that; clients who were willing to pay good fees for true long-term financial planning. It was from that starting point that Epoch’s journey to build a cashflow modelling application began, and which led to the creation of the i4C business of today.