Claire Walsh joined Schroders in 2018 as personal finance director, working across the entire Schroders group, including communications, business development and public affairs.

Claire, a chartered financial adviser, joined from Aspect8, an award-winning firm of chartered financial planners based in Brighton. 

Events of the last few years have contrived to create fantastic opportunities for advisers.

The RDR resulted in many leaving the industry and so reducing the number of advisers. Yet it also introduced a raft of new standards, establishing the foundation for migrating advice into a profession.

At the same time, more and more people need advice as larger numbers reach retirement and individual wealth is higher than ever before.  Add into the mix the introduction of pension freedoms and our market has exploded.

When thinking about what to write for this article, various topics came to mind, such as being a female adviser, media commentary and working with professional connections. The one thing that struck me about all of these is that a big part of my USP is my personality.

When I started out as an adviser, I tried to be the calm, cool, collected professional which I believed clients wanted. But this isn’t really me. I’ve always been very open and bubbly, I wear my heart on my sleeve and I am equally as quick to tell someone my life story as to cry at theirs.

1) What made you decide to upskill in trusts and estate planning? Were you seeing demand from clients, or looking to build up new clients in that area?

I want to be the best financial adviser I can and am continually seeking to deepen and broaden my knowledge.

I have built good professional relationships with a number of private client solicitors and was invited along to a STEP seminar which touched on things we learn within CII exams AF3 Tax & Trusts but at a much deeper level.