Pete is a chartered financial planner, a certified financial planner and managing director of Jacksons Wealth Management in Penzance, UK. His passion is to spread the word that anyone can take control of their personal finances. Through video, podcasting and social media, Pete reaches thousands of people every week with his simple financial planning message.

As the name would suggest, Humans Under Management is all about shifting the focus away from assets and money to focusing on people.

Set up by Maven Adviser founder Andy Hart, also the man behind The Voyantist adviser support and training programmes, the conferences are purely focused on behavioural finance, and how it relates to financial advice and financial planning.

The first event was held in London in November, with a range of speakers and presentations looking at how to break down misconceptions about money and financial biases.

You’ve seen your client so now what? In the third of a series of six videos Pete Matthew of Jacksons Wealth shares the opportunities the analysis and evaluation stage offers you to segment your clients based on their financial information.

The next part will look at presenting recommendations.

In the second of a series of six videos. Pete Matthew of Jacksons Wealth discusses how you can begin to market to your clients at the factfinding stage of the six-stage financial planning process.

With around £2m of AUA in legacy products, and five months to go until the deadline, how has Jacksons Wealth prepared its business for the sunset clause? Pete Matthew discusses his firm’s approach in this video.

To find out more about the sunset clause and how you can get ready download the Nucleus whitepaper, The sunset clause: making informed decisions.

In the first in a series of six videos, Pete Matthew looks specifically at how you can continue your marketing efforts as you go through all six stages of the financial planning process.

In the next video instalment we will look at adding marketing elements to the fact finding phase to differentiate yourself even further.

Illuminate live speaker Pete Matthew from MeaningfulMoney talks about marketing to existing clients and how you can develop them into advocates through effective segmentation.

Pete Matthew explains the most effective approach to take when ‘wooing’ your clients with the help of social media.

I’m not an anthropologist by any stretch of the imagination. All I know about prehistoric humans comes from Captain Caveman and those guys from Night at The Museum.

But there’s a cliché about cavemen that they used to bash cavewomen over the head and carry them back to their cave to become their mates. That may or may not be true, but I think everyone would agree that this is not an appropriate method of finding a life partner in the 21st Century.

Pete Matthew gave an insightful talk at the Institute of Financial Planning’s annual conference in 2012 on how to create trust with the power of online content. Watch the presentation here.

View and download the accompanying slide deck here:

Pete Matthew gave a compelling presentation last year at an event hosted by the Institute of Financial Planning. Listen do what he has to say about embedding social media into your marketing efforts.