We chat to Shannon about finding her way back to advice, world records, and the need to treat our older population more kindly.
We speak to Anthony Villis about the next 'big leap' for financial planning, First Wealth's growth plans and learning to take his own advice.
The Office of Tax Simplification signals the areas that are ripe for reform ahead of its next review into how inheritance tax works.
Our top 10 articles of the year feature some of the profession's leading lights, with a focus on doing things differently and sharing best practice.

In the run-up to the Brexit vote, it was former justice secretary and now environment secretary Michael Gove who famously said: "People have had enough of experts".

I'm not sure that's true, at least in the context of financial planning. 

Experts have a lot to offer when it comes to running your business more effectively for example, or how you should best respond to change.

But the beauty of the advice profession is it is home to many in-house experts, that is, the planners themselves who are helping clients day in and day out. 

A definitive list from the Illuminate archives of the articles that continue to be widely read year after year.

Natalie is the content editor for Illuminate, which aims to provide advisers with interesting articles and insight to help run and grow their businesses. Previously editor of Money Marketing, she started out in financial services journalism writing about mortgages in the depths of the financial crisis, and since then has covered a wide range of adviser and industry issues.

Jake Raj is a problem solver. It’s the aspect of advice he relishes, and for him it plays a big part in what makes giving advice so interesting.

Like many advisers, Jake has been on the crest of several waves of change in the advice market, from supervision under the Personal Investment Authority (the precursor to the FSA and FCA), to the rollout of the financial planning certificate qualifications and the RDR.

Today marks the last Budget speech that Chancellor Philip Hammond will deliver before Brexit.

Given the timing, there has been a lot of focus on what the Chancellor will or will not be able to say, due to the continued uncertainty around the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union.

But before we get bogged down in Brexit implications, it’s worth looking at where Hammond might have room to manoeuvre when it comes to policy around pensions, tax and savings, and the areas planners will be keeping a close eye on.

Regular client reviews lie at the heart of a robust drawdown strategy. Yet as an increasing number of people seek drawdown advice, it raises the question of whether advisers are prepared to take on this additional workload. 

At a recent Illuminate roundtable debate, our panel discussed the issue of firms' capacity to manage the needs of different types of clients as they enter drawdown and an ongoing basis.