Advice alpha is the addition to the client's net return, or the improvement to their financial wellbeing, that comes from working with a good adviser. 

    In this video, Tony Wickenden looks at the components that make up advice alpha - behavioural coaching, rebalancing, wrapper choice and drawdown strategies - and why now is a good time to be talking about it.

    He talks about the current political and market uncertainty, and why this is an opportune time to behaviourally coach clients and encourage them to stay in the market even when they might be inclined to sell. 

    This is combined with the fact that people's retirements look different today than they used to, with issues such as preserving wealth, taking enough risk and managing tax bills increasingly important. Achieving these aims all depends on getting great advice. 

    As a result, Tony argues there has never been a better time to talk up the benefits of advice alpha, particularly to counter the constant scrutiny and commentary which focuses on the cost of advice. 

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