Our latest video from Technical Connection discusses marginal gains, and the evolving technical areas where advisers and planners should consider brushing up their knowledge. 

    Joint managing director Tony Wickenden looks at how by making incremental improvements to your awareness of some key tax planning topics, you can boost relationships with both your clients and your professional connections. 

    He highlights six developing areas of tax policy that are subject to consultation or review, or where it would benefit advisers and planners to be aware of the context behind current policy.

    He flags these particular areas as ones to consider more deeply:

    • Anti-avoidance measures
    • Inheritance tax
    • The lifetime allowance
    • Pension tax relief
    • Corporation tax
    • Trusts 

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    Through Techlink Professional and Techlink Communicator we enable you to:

    • Be better informed
    • Reduce risk
    • Do more business
    • Communicate better and smarter
    • Save time.

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