As you know financial planners do an incredibly important job. 

    Yet we need to work harder and in more creative ways to promote the profession, and to get across to people the value of what you do. 

    The first ever Financial Planner Marketing Summit, organised by Martin Bamford of Informed Choice and Bamford Media, was set up with this in mind.  

    The one-day conference was held in Guildford last month. It brought together 10 expert speakers, each with a different perspective on marketing and engaging clients. Topics spanned storytelling, trust, behavioural science and more. 

    In our Financial Planner Marketing Summit series, we'll be hosting the audio recordings from a selection of speakers in order to share some of the key insights and ideas from the day. 

    First up is Philip Calvert, who spoke about the critical management information contained within your website, and how many planners are missing a trick by not being on top of their website analytics. 

    Philip discusses some of the common areas where planners may be failing to connect with their website visitors, as well as ways to overcome this. 

    In particular, he focuses on creating an 'about us' bio that's different from the norm, the concept of a 'value ladder' and building a community and a niche market based around what you love. 

    You can find out more about the Financial Planner Marketing Summit here, where you can also access a webinar from this year's event

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