Over the past few years, there’ve been a number of major occurrences that have started to facilitate a change in our values and approach to how we live our lives. 

    The Blue Planet phenomenon, followed by Covid, we thought, were the two that would bring us all together. As a result of these, by the end of 2021, we noticed a huge shift in understanding. Almost across the board, businesses started recognising they had to embrace change through both the environment and their workforce.

    Sadly, this was not to be the last significant occurrence. The latest events in Ukraine have brought it home to us all once again how fragile we are as a society, and how open to abuse not just by business, but by dangerous, power-hungry dictators who don’t recognise the right to individual beliefs. 

    The fragility of new business initiatives

    What this has also demonstrated is how fragile new business initiatives can be. There is already a considerable amount of media coverage raising concerns that business on one level will be forced to forgo their sustainability targets and, on another level, they will see these as a lower priority and will focus on profit over good.

    This shift in business approach also demonstrates our reliance on short-term goals, not just in business, but in society as a whole. However, those businesses who do revert back to old methods and approaches will very quickly find that they’ll have to invest more time and money to recover their lost momentum and position. 

    There are some positives

    It’s not all doom and gloom though, and the pressures being put on traditional fossil fuels, oil and gas by the Russian invasion are already driving a surge in investment in renewable energy, which can only be good for the planet as a whole.

    In business, it’s fundamentally important for us to maintain our drive to deliver genuinely sustainable organisations, working to reduce our environmental footprints, while also caring for our staff and communities to ensure that we can all live our lives safely and healthily.

    One area that can help those businesses that are adopting the right approach is to get the recognition they deserve from their customers and the wider community, and this is one of the driving factors behind CSRA. 

    As the only UK-based, global CSR accreditation scheme, our aim to help facilitate change in all organisations by recognising the work they are doing and accrediting them so that clients, prospects and introducers can easily recognise this work.

    With every significant event that has a global impact, business communities will come under pressure to change. We believe that CSR gives businesses a focus in the longer term, as it delivers benefits that will help increase turnover and profit as well as aiding staff recruitment and retention. 

    As an additional benefit, CSRA is a platform that delivers ESG compliance for every business that is accredited.

    Don’t let events that are outside of your control dictate your business success, put CSR at the heart of your business and you will be in a stronger position to ride out the change.

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