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    Over the past five years illuminate live has set the standard for providing the very best speakers, giving you access to the most relevant, engaging and actionable content.

    Recently, we were delighted to present illuminate live reimagined, in partnership with NextGen Planners, featuring an all adviser lineup of speakers handpicked by our guest editor, Rohan Sivajoti.

    NextGen have a strong belief that for financial planners to succeed in the modern era, they have to "be good or be gone". So who better to learn from than a selection of advisers at the top of their game and willing to share their experience, knowledge and expertise to help you drive your business to the next level of success.

    This year's illuminate live took place online and we were delighted by how many of you showed up to listen to our speakers and engage with them from the other side of your screen. If you missed any of the events, or would simply like to watch again, you can view the replays below. We're running a new round of illuminate live events starting on 12 November, you can find out more and sign up here.

    Rohan Sivajoti
    Co-founder, NextGen Planners

    From classroom to boardroom: building a sustainable financial planning business

    Trust is fundamental to creating a sustainable financial planning business through succession. Rohan, co-founder at NextGen Planners, draws on the experience of the membership and the collective wisdom of the board, who have overseen the business transition process in many financial planning firms, to share what successful practices are doing and how they have overcome challenges along the way.

    By the end of this online session you should be able to:

    • Recognise the key behaviours that build high levels of trust
      Describe the forces that act to undermine trust and how these can be overcome
      Learn to attain comprehensive Vision, Mission & Values
      Understand the difference between groups and teams
      Manage conflict with authority and competency
      Learn how to build an effective corporate process manual

    Jo Little
    Director, Emery Little

    Lessons from a business transformation

    Culture is often a misunderstood component of business - it is, after all, intangible. It can though, be a powerful driver for engagement and change. Jo shares her experience of taking on the challenge of leading the third generation of her family business into the future, using culture as a driver for innovation in the business and as a tool to overcome some of the challenges faced during lockdown.

    By the end of this online session you should be able to:

    Explain the importance and role of culture within your business

    Put together a plan of how to purposefully shape culture in your business

    Identify the key elements that lead to more effective teams

    Apply practical tools to improve team collaboration and quality of decision making

    Ruth Sturkey
    Client Director, Paradigm Norton

    You have a great financial planning firm, but what’s next?
    Use your business as a force for good

    Think of ground breaking firms like Patagonia, Innocent and Ella’s Kitchen; How can your business find purpose and have meaningful impact whilst engaging your clients and team members like never before?
    Learn from Ruth how your firm can become a BCorp and be at the forefront of the financial planning profession by using your business as a force for good.

    By the end of this online session you should be able to:

    Describe what being a BCorp means and why you might consider this for your business
    Summarise why becoming a BCorp is beneficial for your business, your team, your clients, your community and the planet

    Be confident in embedding 'People Planet & Profit' thinking into everything you do while being aware of the challenges your business may face along the way to becoming a BCorp
    Plan the next steps on your BCorp journey

    Ewan Rosie
    Chief Operating Officer, Cooper Parry Wealth

    Disrupting development:
    shaping the next generation of planners

    Stand out from the crowd not only for the next generation of your team but for the next generation of clients. 
    As a thirty something COO of one of the leading financial planning firms in the country, Ewan will discuss his personal journey through financial planning, the factors that got him where he is today and how to not only attract young talent but keep it!

    By the end of this online session you should be able to:

    Explain why it would be beneficial to have younger people working in your business and what their expectations are

    Create a plan to attract younger people to your business

    Put into practice recommendations on how to train a successful financial planner

    CPD accredited events

    These events are accredited by the CII and can be included as part of your CII/Personal Finance Society CPD requirement if you consider the content relevant to your professional development needs.

    Illuminate live doesn't have any product push from Nucleus, or anybody else, and is entirely focussed on improving you and your business.