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    Hosted by Lee Robertson from Octo Members

    We were delighted to be joined by a guest host for this series, the wonderful Lee Robertson, the driving force behind Octo Members and someone who is just as passionate about supporting the advice industry as we are.

    Lee made an appearance each week, getting into discussion with our speakers about their topics and putting your questions to them.

    Illuminate live is accredited by the CII, doesn't have any product push from Nucleus, or anybody else, and is entirely focused on improving you and your business.

    Kathryn Knowles
    Cura Financial Services

    Knowing when to take a different approach with clients 

    Kathryn discussed ways in which to spot a vulnerable client situation and how to best support them. She outlined soft skills and terminology to use, as well as detailing how to build a vulnerable client policy and monitoring system.

    Thursday 13 May, 1pm - 2pm

    Richard Essex, Grayside and
    Jeannie Boyle, EQ Investors

    How to get closer to your clients through sustainable investing

    ESG and sustainable investing are clearly hot topics right now. This is the case for planners and their clients, but also on the global stage. 
    Jeannie and Richard, both experts in the field of sustainable investing, discussed what clients want when it comes to investing for good, the opportunities for advisers in this space and how to broach the sustainability conversation with clients. 

    Phil Billingham
    Perceptive Planning

    The future of the financial planning profession

    Financial planning is often referred to as an emerging profession, as well as a global profession. As we take stock on how far the sector has come, it's also a good time to look ahead to how the profession can best evolve for the future, and importantly, what this means for business models and practices.​​​​​​​

    In this session Phil shared the insights from our latest white paper, The Future of Financial Planning, dissected some of the challenges that lie ahead for the profession, and provided a suggested way forward for financial planning practices to be fit for the future.

    Thursday 27 May, 1pm - 2pm

    Alan Smith
    Capital Asset Management

    The power of sharing
    client stories

    In the financial planning profession we often focus on promoting the process and miss out the most important part, the human experiences that our efforts make possible, from providing client security and peace of mind to creating opportunities which can benefit whole communities and leave a lasting legacy. Alan believes that every financial planner has at least one story in them of a client experience that has had a hugely positive effect for those involved. Last year he kicked off #storiesnotspreadsheets on twitter in a call to financial planners everywhere to share their client stories with the aim of bringing them together to create a collection of tales which truly illustrate the impact that good financial planning can have.  


    In this session Alan gave an update on the client stories project, reflecting on some of the stories received and shared how financial planners can emphasise the good they do. 

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