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    Following the recent success of illuminate live reimagined we've been delighted to bring you another series of 1 hour Thursday lunchtime events to guide and inform you. Illuminate live focus brought together four experts with a particular emphasis on the here and now and what financial planners need to think about to help their clients navigate these challenging times.

    Over the past five years illuminate live has set the standard for providing the very best speakers, giving you access to the most relevant, engaging and actionable content.

    llluminate live focus took place online but was no less lively than our in-person events with you our viewers able to pose your questions to the experts both in advance and during the events. If you missed our recent illuminate live reimagined events, curated by NextGen planners, the recordings are still available to watch.

    Neil Bage

    Behavioural impacts of a strange and unique 2020

    2020 has been a challenging year for everyone. Never before have a series of life events combined to create a landscape of uncertainty and anxiety. Advisers, going through exactly the same events, have had to step up and engage with clients on subjects that are mainly based on emotions or how people are feeling.

    Neil will look back at the last 6 months and explore how clients would have navigated this unique landscape. He will then discuss the telltale signs to look out for in order to be proactive and have a framework to know who to speak to, when to speak to them and what to speak to them about.

    Thursday 19 November, 1pm - 2pm

    Julie Littlechild
    Absolute Engagement

    How will your client experience need to evolve?

    Things have changed.
    They have changed for you and they have changed for your clients and that raises an important question.  
    Julie, CEO of Absolute Engagement and a leading expert on client experience and engagement, will share international research and a step-by-step plan to assess your client experience, take action and leverage that plan to drive extraordinary growth.

    Tony Wickenden
    Technical Connection

    Paying for whatever it takes

    Tony will be considering what future tax changes could emerge within the context of the current Government debt/GDP ratio. He will be focussing on income tax, NIC, Corporation Tax, CGT, IHT and the possibility of a Wealth Tax … and what all of that might mean for financial planning strategy.

    Thursday 3 December, 1pm - 2pm

    Claire Trott
    Technical Connection

    How will Covid-19 impact your client's retirement plans?

    Claire will be looking specifically at the potential impact of the pandemic on pensions. She'll consider the long term impact of furlough, how redundancy may affect your client's pension and what those looking to retire during these tricky times need to know.