The Speakers’ Gym is a communication consultancy. They create and deliver dynamic, highly practical communication development programmes using individual coaching, group masterclasses and a unique combination of acting training and behavioural science. Their programmes cover: effective leadership, empowerment and ownership, conflict resolution, public speaking and presentation skills, selling with EQ, managing client relationships over the phone, team building and creativity.

    Chris and Jonny took the time to first understand our brief and delivered the sessions incorporating our culture and brand. The sessions were thought provoking and their techniques, although occasionally stretching some participants out of their comfort zone, were very well received. Chris and Jonny’s contagious energy encouraged full participation from all involved.
    – Mairi Cameron, Learning Manager, Nucleus

    What a transformation! The Speakers Gym™ approach has truly changed how we feel about presenting… it’s hard to put into words.  
    – Ian Hitt, Founder, Director, Agile Human

    Vocal conditioning

    Financial adviser's have a challenging job. You have to influence your clients to make great decisions on a very sensitive subject - their money.

    Having a voice you can rely on, a voice that is secure, versatile and persuasive is vital to your success. As the voice accounts for up to 38% of communication, it is something that cannot be ignored.

    This vocal conditioning course is split into five parts:

    1. Breath - the fuel for your voice
    2. Resonance - your whole body is your stereo speaker
    3. Support - bringing energy, power and stamina to the voice
    4. Range - being your most expressive and engaging best
    5. Articulation - vocal clarity and precision

    Each part has two videos; the warm-up and the exercises. This course is a tool for you to use as part of your daily life. It will ensure that you communicate at your most authentic and expressive. No more croaky morning voice or getting tongue-tied over difficult language. Build a voice that you can trust, reduce nerves and anxiety and connect to your clients at your best.