The Eternal Business Consultancy was established to promote the concept of employee ownership and, in particular, the use of the Employee Ownership Trust (EOT) as a method of succession planning for owners. Success of the business will be how many EOT businesses exist in the UK.

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    The Programme

    Consisting of three courses:

    Course 1: For owners 

    This Course will help you:

    • Understand whether an EOT is the right succession option for you and your business  
    • Put in place the first building blocks for the transition to EOT
    • Successfully bring the leadership team along with you

    Course 2: For owners and the leadership team

    This course will help:

    • You implement the plan developed in Course 1
    • The leadership team understand the EOT
    • You put an engagement plan in place for all employees

    Course 3: For everyone 

    This course will help:

    • Get the business ready for the big day – the sale of a controlling interest to the EOT
    • The Programme covers everything you need to know and do to get the business ready; including the technical details, the legal issues, and, most importantly, how to engage employees in the business.

    This takes time, and the Programme will help you deal with those deep issues. It is for this reason that there is a minimum period of six months membership.