Absolute Engagement helps you align your personal vision with your client and team experience to drive meaningful growth. Founder Julie Littlechild teaches 'Engagement Essentials' and provides you with the road map, tools and support to lay the foundation to grow efficiently and profitably.

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    Your Engagement Edge

    The way in which you need to engage with clients is changing and it can be difficult to know what you need to do differently to keep pace. 

    For that reason, Nucleus is pleased to partner with Absolute Engagement to give you the insights and tools you need to design an experience that truly sets you apart. 

    Your Engagement Edge is a unique programme that guides you every step of the way and gives you step-by-step instruction, support and tools to engage your clients in a way that will drive more referrals. 

    Your Engagement Edge includes 11 courses:

    Define Your Niche or Ideal Client

    Establish the basis for your enhanced client experience.

    Segment Your Clients

    Lay the foundation for a tiered service plan based on client value.

    Define Offer, by Segment

    Map client value to a clearly defined offer.

    Assess Capacity and Profitability

    Ensure you have the time and resources to deliver on your plan- profitably.

    Co-Create the Client Experience

    Involve your team and clients to define what extraordinary looks like.

    Map out the Client Journey

    Design the foundation for a compelling experience based on client needs.

    Create Client Communications Plan

    Design a 12-month plan that reflects what's most important to your clients.

    Structure the Business Around Ideal Client

    Ensure all aspects of your business reflect your ideal clients' needs.

    Define Core Processes

    Ensure your processes are efficient, engage clients, and set you apart.

    Manage Client Expectations

    Clearly articulate what clients can expect and what you expect of them.

    Gather Client Feedback

    Assess your performance in delivering on or exceeding client expectations.