Absolute Engagement helps you design a differentiated client experience that will not only drive engagement but real growth. Founder Julie Littlechild is bringing you 'Client Insights', a guided client feedback programme.

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    Client Insights

    Client Insights is a guided client feedback programme from Absolute Engagement that will help you gather input from your clients and use those insights to drive deeper engagement and uncover growth opportunities.

    This programme is about so much more than measuring satisfaction. It will help you:

    • drive deeper engagement 
    • understand what clients value
    • identify and connect with clients at risk
    • increase referrals from clients and other professionals; and
    • uncover unmet needs.

    Your dedicated coach will personalise a survey that reflects your unique objectives and help you interpret and take action on your results. Your comprehensive dashboard includes tools and resources to use your results and allows you to drive results down to client level.

    As a Nucleus client you'll recieve a 10% discount and can participate for as little as $920 USD (approximately £700), depending on your needs. That price includes the ability to personalise a survey using tested questions, in-depth reporting at business and client level, and the tools, resources and live coaching to help you take action.

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    If you have any questions about the programme, you can contact Absolute Engagement directly.