Forget sales.

    Forget technique.

    Forget patter.

    Forget you and your targets. Forget "Im a good sales person."

    Instead, try removing yourself and removing your ego.

    Making a sale can’t be your objective in a sales scenario.

    It sounds like an oxymoron, but these aren’t just bold statements to draw you in.

    An objective of selling is entirely self-serving because clients can hear it. It’s palpable.

    No-one particularly enjoys being on the end of selfish behaviour, and actually, I don’t think we like being selfish ourselves.

    So your objective must be to serve the client as best as possible. Even if that means not selling to them.

    Most people know this. But few people really embody this mindset on a deeper, beyond intellectual level.

    A bigger purpose

    The need for an authentic, generous sense of purpose for anyone selling a service is profound, and we don't experience it enough as customers.

    Yet the impact this purpose will have on you will be liberating and profound.

    Work out a purpose that's bigger than you - bigger than the recommendation or transaction being discussed - a purpose you connect with on a deep level.

    Your firm may have a stated purpose already, but try not to rely solely on what may have been passed down to you. 

    In order to live this purpose, you have to personalise it.

    Of course, if your personal sense of purpose is completely at odds with the company purpose, then you'll have to consider whether that company's right for you. That’s another piece of work entirely.

    So how do you sell better?

    The best way to connecting with someone is to convince them you genuinely care about them.

    So what techniques do we adopt to show we care?

    The technique is no technique. Hear me out.

    We all know how to behave, listen and care when we actually care.

    So do that, and actually care.

    Techniques are a distraction

    Everything flows when you're coming from a place of authenticity. We're congruent and people are more likely to trust us.

    If we don't go deeper and instead rely on things like adopting sales techniques, lines of questioning or mirroring body language, we won't be congruent or in flow.

    With all of these 'techniques' to think about, you leave very little room for your client.

    Instead, you make it all about you, which is bad. However well you do it, people will always pick up on technique.

    The feeling of being sold to is the bit people hate.The idea of techniques being used, or being 'worked'.

    We’re far more savvy when it comes to sales techniques these days. We pick up on it quicker.

    There’s also more information available, so as clients we’re more empowered to interrogate information and make our own decisions, regardless of what we're being told. 

    People don't want to be tricked or persuaded into something.

    They are likely to know their own needs, and are able to work out for themselves whether the service being offered, the person offering it or the recommendations being made are right for them.

    You don't need technique when you're committed to serving your clients. Having the emotional intelligence to serve is far deeper, and actually simpler, than a proliferation of sales techniques that are ultimately self serving.

    While no-one likes being sold to, everyone likes being helped to thrive and survive. If helping them to thrive and survive is best achieved by selling what you have to offer, then great.

    Integrity is everything.

    If something isn't the right fit for someone, you shouldn't want to sell it.

    In which case, take yourself out of the running and recommend something else.

    You'll build bucket loads of trust this way. It's also not a loss.

    In any sales scenario, winning isn't always selling. Winning is helping the client as much as possible.

    Sometimes this will involve selling. But if a particular service or way of working isn't selling, the answer is not to get better at selling or marketing it. 

    The answer is to listen more to your client base and work on the service so that it better serves them.

    Sales must be the result of having something remarkable that someone really wants or needs - not of having good technique.

    So I invite you to forget sales and techniques. Take that load off.

    Trust that you know everything there is to know about your offering.

    Forget technique entirely and choose to focus all of your energy on understanding your clients needs’ and serving them. If you mean it, everything should fall into place.

    The great thing is that you don’t have to 'do' anything but rather 'be' - be a good, selfless person in service to others.

    This has to be the way forward. It’s the right way. And actually, you’ll earn a lot more business this way. It’s win-win.

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