When looking to implement new or embed existing technology into a business, you need to consider more than just the technology to achieve the best possible outcome.

    In the work we've carried out with firms we follow a consistent and proven methodology and consider there to be three main components to adopting new technology or embedding current systems.


    Have you got the right resources and operating framework to effect the changes required in your business? At Jigsaw Tree we ourselves have put in place a new operating framework which has given us a clearly defined business plan, along with the tools needed to be able to deliver against it.

    We have adopted the principles within what we call an 'entrepreneurial operating system' and have simplified the process to make it practical and simple to adopt.

    It has given us the ability to build the business from the ground up, looking at our vision and values, and then rewrite our job profiles and staff review documents to reflect these values. We have a virtual Monday morning meeting for everyone in the business to be part of the company review, and to communicate with our team. We then use the meeting to go through a process of identifying, discussing and solving any client and business issues.


    Both internally and with our clients, we've been using a piece of software called Engage Modeler. We use this as part of either a technology change or a technology embed project as it allows us to create the necessary workflows, threads, events lists, and process flows.

    Knowing you have the most efficient way of working and that it's being adopted across the business, along with standard processes, is key. The power behind this is you can create your processes (what you are currently doing/ what you want to do as best practice), compare them and see where efficiency savings can or have been made.

    Using this system, it's easy to analyse and understand the risks, costs, technology and role touch points. Then the outputs can be created so that they become the operating process guide for new and existing staff to ensure consistency.


    There are so many technologies available in the adviser marketplace today, as the diagram below shows. It can be hard to understand what they all deliver.

    Whether you're considering whether to change your technology or looking to better embed your existing solution, it is sometimes difficult to know where to start. Reviewing the market can be made even more time-consuming if you're not clear on the crucial elements that are going to have the greatest positive impact on your business.  Investing well in the implementation phase is always going to be money well spent.

    If technology has been poorly implemented, changing the hearts and minds of those having to use it can be challenging. Having to unpick what isn’t working well, changing the solution and re-educating everyone on how it should be used may not always achieve the right outcomes if the project isn’t approached in the correct way.  In our experience, we have found there are three key elements that can have the biggest impact:

    • Make sure any valuation feeds are live and working
    • Create simplified processes that will work for those having to use them and embed them into your solution
    • Reports and letters should be created as templates in the technology so that, where possible, data is only used once.

    Finally, create and follow a plan so that everyone is brought along in the change process and understands what the business as a whole is looking to achieve.

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