Politics is moving at an even more frenetic pace than usual these days. 

    Earlier this week prime minister Boris Johnson failed to trigger an early election, but as it stands an election is still necessary to break the current deadlock over Brexit. 

    So if Labour were to win any upcoming election, or were to play a leading role in a coalition, what would this mean for UK tax policy?

    In this video, Tony Wickenden explores what tax policy under a Labour-led government could look like.

    He draws on Labour's previous manifesto, statements by the shadow chancellor John McDonnell, and a report commissioned by the party called 'Land for the many'

    Tony explains how the evidence so far points to higher income tax rates for those earning the most, tax measures to tackle high executive pay, and a stronger tax regime for second properties. 

    Labour may also look to act on recommendations to rethink our current council tax system so that it's more aligned with current property values, and to make radical changes to the way inheritance tax is levied. 

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