Google works in mysterious ways. 

    This is the consensus in hundreds of content marketing teams across the world; no matter what lead generation strategies they employ, the one thing they are all baffled by is how the internet giant dictates who ranks where on its search engine results page.

    Linked to this phenomenon is the Bill Gates’ quote "content is king".

    It stems from a 1996 essay he wrote proclaiming the importance and value of content to making money on the internet.

    It’s a phrase that still rings true today. We’ll never really know what Google’s 'algorithm' looks like, but we do know that it’s great content that leads the way.

    So with that in mind, let’s take a look at how you can use great content to generate more leads.

    What does great content look like?

    We say ‘great’, but really we just mean content that works.

    The goal of any content is to apply storytelling to your services to make them relevant to your audience.

    Instead of the old school marketing approach of plastering an advert on a giant billboard, today’s content captures clients' attention and establishes your brand as a trusted source of information.

    Content does this through three core techniques:

    1) It engages 

    For instance, you could write an opinion piece which prompts readers to contribute their thoughts in the comments section.

    That said, not every article needs to ponder the great questions of the universe. You could simply set a poll asking people what they think of a particular piece of industry news.

    2) It provides value

    These are the educational pieces that help your readers become informed, gain value and thus enhance their lives.

    3) It enhances your image

    A great article can boost your image in a number of ways. An authoritative piece of useful information will raise the emotional stock of your company.

    Equally, search engines will see you as a credible source of knowledge, thus promoting you up the search pages. Your ability to provide meaningful information on a regular basis eventually becomes exponentially more helpful to your business and revenue growth over time.

    How great content can generate more leads

    So we know that content is king and that great content can engage a prospective customer, but how does it generate real leads? Beyond standard articles, there are a few different things you can try:

    Produce an e-book

    Whether you charge a fee to access your e-book or offer it for free, the value will usually come from the email data capture. This enables you to re-target people at a later date, assuming you've got the relevant consent under the General Data Protection Regulation.

    The e-book needs to be good, of course, so think about what could offer real value to your clients and prospective clients. Spend some time collating the information into a single, digestible piece of content. If you strike the right note, you’ll likely be rewarded with some very loyal clients in return.

    Host a webinar

    If you’re offering something of real value, a webinar could be a great way to produce a wave of targeted clients. It’s when you’re offering value that people will happily sign up and listen in from the comfort of their home.

    Create a white paper or guide

    It might be an old tactic, but it still works. In the same way that an e-book captures attention by covering a large topic in a huge amount of detail, a downloadable guide or white paper looking at a specific topic within the client journey can be a powerful part of your lead generation toolkit.

    Overall, if you’ve got a brand story to tell which informs and educates your prospects and clients, these tactics can help boost engagement with your content and generate leads.

    Have you had success with generating leads from great content? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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