What’s the key to having more fun and getting more productive in your business?

    Your team.

    If things are not quite working as you’d like them to, then look at these potential quick wins:

    1.    One or two smart virtual hires

    Hiring new people isn’t always a huge expense. In fact, you can find highly skilled specialists online that you can rent by the hour.

    No fixed costs and no massive increase in your overhead.

    If you or your team are at bursting point, get specific about some jobs you don’t like to do and see if you can hire someone virtually.

    As a quick example, at FP Advance we wanted our powerpoint slides to look better. So we hired a guy in Indonesia via www.fiverr.com. For our last workshop he created 261 fantastic looking slides for USD$115. Brilliant.

    What small jobs can you and your team outsource, so you can remain focused on what you’re good at and love to do?

    2.    Improve your delegation

    We all know we should delegate more, but we don’t. Why?

    It usually comes down to confidence; we don’t really trust the person we’re delegating to,

    to do the job to the standard required. This isn’t about you, it’s about them.

    The right person in any role not only does what you ask them to do, but they do two or three other add on tasks that you forgot to mention. They do this because they are experts in the role they perform.

    Does everyone on your team perform to that level?

    Fixing the team might just fix your ability (and desire) to delegate.

    3.    Get honest about your existing team’s suitability

    Evaluating your existing team for fit can be a minefield. There are emotional issues, legal issues and oftentimes confusion as to whether they are the right person or not.

    You’ve got to get to the real issues.

    Do they share your core values? If not, they’ll have to go. There’s just no getting around it.

    Secondly, do they get it, want it, and have the capacity to do the job? Once again if the answer is no to any of these questions they either need to change roles, or go.

    Get honest about who fits and who doesn’t. You can only move forward with the right team in the right roles. Failure to address this issue means you and your family pay the price. It’s you who works late, or misses your children’s activities, or just earns less than you could otherwise earn. Don’t shirk this one.

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