When thinking about what to write for my latest Illuminate article, I couldn’t bear to write any more about defined benefit pension transfers.

    Nor could I face tackling the weight of regulation on the shoulders of those in the financial sector, or the number of scams around at the moment. 

    Instead, I've chosen to write a letter of thanks to the financial sector, to all those advisers doing a fantastic job, who care deeply about their clients and about what they see happening around them.  

    I want to say thanks to the people who worry. 

    Who worry about the newest piece of regulation or guidance, and who examine and challenge their processes to make sure best practice is embedded in what they do. 

    Thank you to those who worry about their clients and how they feel, and whether as advisers they are being understood. 

    I want to say thanks to the people who engage in conversations about how to make things better, not just for themselves but for everyone. 

    To those who put on webinars to talk about culture or women’s pension savings or financial scams. 

    To those who contact the FCA to tell them what they see going wrong. 

    Also, to those who respond to consultations in a bid to provide one more piece of the jigsaw. 

    To those who tweet out questions, seek to hold decision makers to account and those who write blogs or articles raising issues and asking for views.

    I want to say thanks to the thousands of good advisers out there who help to ease their clients’ fears and inspire them to actually live the lives they dream of.

    I want to say a very personal thank you to the people who have answered my questions over the years and introduced me to other good people. To those who have opened their doors and offered me their time and thoughts (you know who you are).

    I want to say thank you to the people who have taught me to think outside of my industry. 

    To those who have challenged me to think differently about clients, and about how I behave as a leader. 

    These are things I have learned through your kind acceptance of me at conferences and presentations, both as an attendee and speaker. Thank you too for devoting your time to discussing brave ideas. 

    I want to say thank you to those who have inspired me and those around them to give more.  Who genuinely practice altruism for no other reason than it is the right thing to do. 

    I believe there are more of you in financial services than I have ever seen in any other sector. I have been inspired by you.

    There are so many good people I see in this sector. I for one have been changed for the better by you.   

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