Few clients are going to hand over their assets to a financial adviser if they are not 100% happy with everything going on.

A client’s happiness is of upmost importance; as is the maintenance of that relationship going forward into future interactions.

A happy client is one that looks to you for guidance without hesitation and is a one that will refer their friends and colleagues.

If a client keeps in touch beyond just the initial interaction and once the initial investment or advice has been completed one can take that as a sign of a job well done.

For a client, happiness or content with their financial adviser will come from being explained what can be a very complicated and daunting subject in a more simplistic and down to earth manner.

A financial adviser needs to be the medium between a complex financial world filled with elaborate rules and regulations that are forever changing and evolving and a person who may have never had to deal with their pension before or even have heard of the type of investment being recommended.

The key is in the simplicity of the interaction and how well the process goes as far as the client is concerned.

If the end result is something the client fully understands while appreciating the reasons behind the specific recommendations and maybe why some points have been altered or even put to one side for now, then the client will leave the interaction fully satisfied and happy.

Lastly, reviews are crucial.

It is vital reviews are obtained from the client as this can help with the personal development of an adviser.

Knowing how your client felt and how the interaction was perceived from their point of view can aid greatly in future scenarios.

This is true more of situations where everything may not have gone as initially planned.

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