Humans Under Management, set up by Maven Adviser founder Andy Hart, is continuing its drive to help advisers develop financial planning practices with behavioural finance at their core. 

    Following on from the success of the inaugural Humans Under Management conference in London last year, Andy recently hosted the latest event in Dublin. 

    As before, we will be featuring a selection of the presentations that offer financial planning firms insights from across the profession and present different ways of working to better help clients.

    Our first video is from Capital Asset Management chief executive Alan Smith, who discusses the ways in which smaller firms can take on major advice brands and succeed.

    Alan says one way to do this is by asking great questions. While some coaching or behavioural questions may feel too touchy-feely for some clients, Alan advises that sometimes it can be worth taking the risk. 

    He talks about the power of storytelling with clients, both in terms of giving away a bit of your own personal story as well as sharing client stories.

    Alan also looks at designing your end-to-end client experience, and provides some food for thought when it comes to framing the discussion around advice fees and value for money. 

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