Last year, more people accessed the web via tablets and phones than laptops and desktops. Sim Sangha explains why it is vitally important for your firm to ensure its website is easily accessible on these devices - and allows clients and prospects to reach the right information quickly and conveniently.

    The way clients and prospects access the internet is changing rapidly. It’s prudent therefore to check whether your website caters for ever-changing digital behaviours and ensures your brand is represented in the best possible light to the audience you want to attract.

    Below is a basic checklist for you to review against your adviser website.

    Does your site:

    1. Automatically resize specifically to the device used (mobile, tablet or desktop)?
    2. Allow clients and prospects to click on your contact number and automatically dial through on their phone?
    3. Can clients and prospects click on your address to take them through to Google Maps and direct themselves in?
    4. Clearly explain how you can help specific demographics of individuals or businesses?  Doing so will help you attract the right profitable clients for your business.
    5. Have an efficient self-editing process and version control for compliance purposes?
    6. Have actual customer feedback evidenced on the site? Actual customer feedback is one of the most influential factors for a call to action.

    So when was the last time you reviewed your website? Maybe the time is now.

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