It shouldn’t be news that the value of a purely transactional relationship is decreasing. 

    In the future, it will become less and less viable for advisers to work in this way.

    So they need to create more value beyond the transaction – the value needs to be in the conversation. But how do you create the right conversations – the ones that can immediately create more value for your clients and more business and prosperity for yourself?

    The answer is asking the right questions. 

    The questions you ask demonstrate the level of curiosity you have with your client. They enable you to glean the information you need to create a compelling financial plan. And ultimately, they help to create better client outcomes.

    So what are they? I’ve created a pack of 52 cards, divided into 4 categories, providing unlimited ways you can create more value for your clients.

    I chat to Faith Liversedge about the Financial Power Questions Cards in this introductory video.

    We then explore a couple of the questions in-depth below.

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