In the wake of any Budget comes the all-important analysis.

    In this illuminate live online session, we're joined by Technical Connection joint managing director Tony Wickenden and head of pensions strategy Claire Trott to talk through the key changes and announcements that relate to tax and financial planning.  

    We discuss the backdrop to the Budget and why we got the Budget we did, the missed opportunities on changing the various pension allowances and the positive changes to coronavirus support schemes. 

    Tony and Claire also cover the "stealth tax" approach of the frozen allowances, the implications of the higher corporation tax rate and understanding the moving parts when testing against the lifetime allowance. 

    They also look at future tax changes to come as part of the upcoming round of tax consultations, including:

    • Addressing the complex issue of whether pension tax relief is going to the right places; 
    • The taxation of employment and self-employment to reflect changing ways of working; and
    • Reform of capital taxes like inheritance tax and capital gains tax. 

    You can watch the replay of our discussion with Tony and Claire here, where you can also get a transcription of the conversation with a summary of the points covered. 

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