Next up in our video highlights from the most recent Humans Under Management conference we have Oxford Risk head of behavioural finance Greg Davies. 

    Greg discusses the tension in advice in guiding clients to the right decision to take when it comes to their investments, while being mindful that the 'right thing to do' is not always the most comfortable course of action for clients.

    He outlines the many approaches to assessing risk tolerance, why he feels these measures fall short and why risk needs to be based on where the client is in their life and not just how they feel about markets today. 

    Greg looks at how planners can get clients more comfortable with investment decisions through the use of a dynamic framework that can help govern client behaviour and take their emotions out of the decision making process. 

    He also cites the Mifid II 10 per cent drop report as a way behavioural science can be deployed in action, by knowing which clients to talk to when, with conversations about risk tailored to their financial personalities. 

    He concludes by arguing that the power of risk profiling tools lies in enhancing the advice process. 

    For more information about Humans Under Management, including event details for 2019, click here

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