As the name would suggest, Humans Under Management is all about shifting the focus away from assets and money to focusing on people.

    Set up by Maven Adviser founder Andy Hart, also the man behind The Voyantist adviser support and training programmes, the conferences are purely focused on behavioural finance, and how it relates to financial advice and financial planning.

    The first event was held in London in November, with a range of speakers and presentations looking at how to break down misconceptions about money and financial biases.

    In our Humans Under Management series, we will be featuring a selection of the presentations that offer financial planning firms insights from across the profession and present different ways of working to better help clients.

    First up, Jacksons Wealth Management managing director Pete Matthew reflects on almost eight years of his consumer financial education website Meaningful Money, and what it is has taught him about getting buy-in from prospective clients before they have even picked up the phone.

    Pete discusses how investors' attitudes are set to change, with more and more people looking for a more collaborative approach towards managing their money.

    He offers some tips on how to present yourself online in order to create mutual trust and remove the roadblocks to talking about money. He also talks about the importance of showing how your goals as a financial planner are aligned with the client's goals, as well as fostering a belief in the financial planning process.

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