In our recent training survey, 91% of employers said it was difficult to find the extra time or resource to train their support staff in the way they’d like. 

    We understand the challenges that learning and development can place on a business owner – it’s not just the day-to-day staff training that takes time, but it’s all the administration around it: creation of training documentation, monitoring performance, identifying needs, and ensuring all training remains up-to-date and compliant. 

    There are already enough calls on your time, from increased regulation, provider administration delays and other business-critical tasks. Ideally you need employees who can hit the ground running, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best – advising clients. 

    Aside from being able to insert extra hours into your day (technology has not yet advanced that far, unfortunately) a more immediate solution is outsourcing. It's possible to outsource all the aspects of training and reap the benefits.

    Benefits of outsourcing:

    • It unlocks hidden potential in your team – one of the benefits of a third party running your training means your team members can discover skills they didn’t know they had. With peer-to-peer support from other students and the opportunity to hear about other systems and processes, your team member gains industry knowledge that otherwise could have taken years to learn. This knowledge can be used to add value to your business.
    • It creates a more loyal and motivated workforce – investing into your team and giving them a clear path for progression has been shown to improve morale and to enhance productivity.
    • It provides access to subject matter experts – it’s not just about your staff learning how to pass exams, it’s about feeling confident in the subject they’re learning, having the opportunity to ask questions and having the support to gain a solid foundation in the relevant subjects.
    • It provides a clear journey for staff training and gaining recognised qualifications – outsourcing your training can help level up your support staff, creating greater knowledge and experience across the team, which will provide a better experience for clients.
    •  Training can be tailored to systems and processes already used in your business – if you choose the right outsourcing provider, they’ll tailor your employee’s training so they’re able to apply their academic knowledge in practical ways, meaning that all the value you have placed in their training is embedded straight back into your business.
    • It enhances the service for your clients – as mentioned above, investing in your team means investing into your business. A more knowledgeable, motivated team will provide more value to you, especially on the bottom line.  

    There are several considerations when thinking about outsourcing aspects of your business.  

    What will work and how best to approach it will very much depend on your goals and motivations – every business is different. You have to make sure that any outsourcing provider you choose matches your company values and understands your end goals. 

    Ask questions! Once you’ve identified a potential provider, don’t shy away from asking the important questions such as “How will I know if my staff are progressing on their training?” or “What value will this add to my business – it seems expensive?” Make sure you’re happy with the responses and that you know they can work alongside you and your business.

    Once outsourcing is in place and working as it should, it’s an incredibly powerful way to grow your business and become more agile when it comes to responding to issues such as changes to regulation and increased administration. This will naturally help both you and your clients, both in the short and long term.

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