The days and weeks are beginning to blur into one, and we’ve stopped counting what week of lockdown we’re officially now in.

    The public discourse is increasingly turning to the possible routes out of lockdown, with a recognition that we’re not quite there yet.

    So now seems as good a time as any to showcase some of the articles that have hopefully helped you with the transition to home working, and sparked your thinking in this altogether different environment.

    As you’d expect, there’s some guidance on working and advising remotely, but there’s also articles that demonstrate the resilience of the financial community.

    Nick Platt's story about being compelled to grow and innovate is a good example of this, as is Lee Robertson’s reflections on the potential opportunities to support clients in this chaotic time.

    There’s some timely articles on financial wellbeing, purpose and managing change in the list as well.

    You can click the headlines to read the articles in full, plus there’s a few extra links in the mix for those in need of further reading material.

    Without further ado, here are the Illuminate articles that have engaged people the most during lockdown to date:

    10) The coronavirus effect on contracts


    The coronavirus pandemic has meant uncertainty for a lot of people, including businesses.

    In this article Philippa Hann looks at the role of contracts in all this, and the legal specifics around ending contracts in a bid to cut costs due to Covid-19.

    9) Financial wellbeing for planners and clients

    Financial wellbeing

    Financial wellbeing is a movement that’s gaining increasing traction. As part of that, the idea of building financial resilience is particularly important right now.

    Hayley Tink shares how Smith & Pinching approaches financial wellbeing at both a client and team level, and how harnessing money coaching skills may stand advisers in good stead for the future.

    8) How to deliver compliant remote advice

    Remote advice

    Many firms already gave advice remotely to some extent before the current crisis, but remote working capabilities have clearly had to step up a gear over recent weeks.  

    Here Graeme Stewart at Paradigm Consulting considers compliant remote advice across the advice process, spanning disclosure, fact-finds and verifying identity.

    For more from Graeme, you also check out his piece on the FCA’s coronavirus update and what it means for you.

    7) The importance of knowing our purpose


    When reviewing her business, the starting point for Nicola Watts at Jane Smith Financial Planning was ‘why do I do what I do?’

    Getting close to understanding her purpose as a financial planner, and the kind of clients she best serves, now feeds into the way the business works, and a culture of continuous improvement.

    There are also lessons to be found in how we manage change in normal times.

    With that in mind, it's worth having a read of this article from Nicky Wright of Clear Financial Advice. She discusses how she's managed business change over the years, which may offer up some insights for the current environment.

    6) How we’ve changed as a business during lockdown

    henwood court

    Nick Platt at Henwood Court Financial Planning has hit the ground running during lockdown. He has been pro-actively communicating with clients and forcing himself to try new things, like hosting the firm’s first client webinar.

    He admits the past few weeks have been challenging, but his story is a great example of a business committed to growth and improvement whatever the circumstances.

    5) Why now more than ever we need to embrace social media

    social media

    A perennial feature in our most read round-ups, Phil Bray and The Yardstick Agency were among a number of firms to be delivering useful, timely adviser resources from the moment lockdown began.

    In this article, he makes the cases for harnessing the power of social media as screen time rises, and how you can take advantage of the various social media platforms.

    4) How to protect clients from a greater risk of fraud


    As cases of reported fraud have risen, there’s a need for all of us to be extra vigilant.

    Here, Nucleus financial crime partner Leanne Penny shares some tips on how best to protect your firm and your clients against the heightened risk of fraud and scams.

    3) Seven adviser opportunities amidst the chaos


    In this article, Lee Robertson discusses opportunity from chaos, and how advisers can best help clients at the moment as well as strengthen their businesses for the future.

    He talks about the power of communication, the different apps available to help with video and audio, and taking the time to revisit your ‘must get done’ list.

    2) How to lead and work remotely

    lead and work remotely

    Our chief people Kirsty Lynagh considers the mindset shift that’s needed when it comes to working remotely.

    She offers up some suggestions around collaboration and performance for team leaders, as well as ways to stay engaged and motivated as a wider team.

    It’s also worth checking out her follow-up article on supporting your team through the new normal, plus there’s lots of useful resources around people support at our dedicated website Human Capital.

    1) Can you prove the value of your advice?

    value of advice

    Taking the top spot for our most read article in lockdown to date is Mike Barrett, with his take on adviser value for money.

    He discusses the FCA’s shelved plans to look at advice firms’ value for money, and how advisers can be prepared for when this work starts up again.

    For more articles like these, take a look at our range of coronavirus support articles, which are updated daily.

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