During my time looking after Illuminate, I've had the pleasure of meeting and working alongside many people who are doing great things for the financial planning profession. 

    Whether supporting the business of financial planning or advisers and planners themselves, they are people who continue to do their bit to move the sector on. 

    So, as a little parting gift from me, I'm choosing some of my favourite Illuminate articles and interviews from over the past few years to highlight some of these people and the good work they do. 

    Thank you very much to everyone who has contributed an article or their time to Illuminate, and to everyone who has read something here and taken something away as a result. 

    P.S. This list is given in date order, starting with the oldest first - these are all equal favourites!

    10) Meet the man powering the new wave of advice talent

    Adam Carolan

    My first Illuminate interview was with the mighty Adam Carolan of Xentum.

    Here he talks about his parallel life and how he and co-founder Rohan Sivajoti are inspiring so many through the NextGen Planners community. 

    9) How one financial planner is helping to plug the advice gap

    Jaskarn Pawar

    Another early interview was with Investor Profile's Jaskarn Pawar.

    Chatting amid the hustle and bustle of the epic Personal Finance Society Festival of Financial Planning back in 2017, Jaskarn spoke about his quiet bid to prove that financial advice isn't just the preserve of the wealthy. 

    8) Is this the face of future financial planning?

    Jo Little

    Jo Little is one impressive individual, a fact which is hopefully borne out by this interview. 

    She discusses what it was like to work alongside her dad at Emery Little, how she discovered her love of financial planning and shares her take on how firms can attract young, ambitious people to their teams. 

    7) From RAF to IFA: The man standing up to poor DB transfer advice

    Al Rush

    Al Rush was hard to pin down for this article, but we got there in the end (after five months of gentle persuasion). 

    The result was Al's surprisingly moving story of how he came to advice from his time in the Royal Air Force Regiment, and his unrelenting efforts to right the wrongs done to steelworkers who were given poor advice to transfer out of their pension. 

    6) From heritage to modern day: How we remodelled our business 


    Operations directors and practice managers are often the unsung heroes of financial planning practices. 

    In this piece we hear from Bev Tyrell, operations director at Mathews Comfort, on the firm's journey to create a lasting financial planning business, and how it has worked on communication at both at a team and client level. 

    5) How we've changed as a business during lockdown 

    Henwood Court

    Those scary, initial weeks of the first lockdown last year thankfully seem like a long time ago now. 

    Here Nick Platt of Henwood Court Financial Planning shares his immediate reflections on the early weeks of the pandemic, the challenges the business faced and their approach to working differently.

    4) Lockdown, la dolce vita and making 'one day' a reality

    Brian Hill

    In this interview we talk to former Jones Hill managing director Brian Hill about life in Italian lockdown and the power of deep client relationships. 

    You can also read his follow-up piece here about why he chose to sell his financial planning practice, what he's got planned for his next "plot twist" and his thoughts on regulation and advice.  

    3) The thinking behind Project 2030

    Project 2030

    During lockdown many businesses have had to pivot and adapt, and The Verve Group has been a shining example of this. 

    Here Cathi Harrison offers a wide-ranging discussion on new ways of working and the human/tech split in advice.

    (You can read more from Cathi here on the fantastic We Are Change initiative, and you can also pledge your support here.)

    2) The power of groups through lockdown and beyond

    Paraplanners Assembly

    In amidst the Zoom and Teams fatigue, chatting with some of the lovely folk from the Paraplanners Assembly was a refreshing and uplifting break from the norm. 

    They shared their thoughts on the role of community, and how paraplanners continue to come together and support each other in both online and offline environments.

    1) Stepping up the battle against scams: One adviser's story

    Dan Williams

    In this article, Dan Williams of Morgan Williams & Co explains how one encounter with a sophisticated clone firm prompted him to fight back against the scourge of scams and fraud. 

    He also sets out what other firms can do to counter the scams threat, whether that's education, sharing best practice or pushing for policy change. 

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