Two words for anyone who owns a business in 2017: online video. Video will account for a whopping 69% of all consumer traffic this year, according to Cisco. YouTube’s statistics are ever more compelling, with 1.5 billion logged in users reported to visit the platform every month, that’s one in five people across the world.

    Vlogging isn’t new to financial advice, most IFAs will have already watched at least one of Pete Matthews’ Meaningful Money vlogging series aimed at retail investors. He’s since channelled his efforts into producing a podcast that has successfully generated business leads, and is proof that there is a market out there for those sharing financial nous in a bite-sized, easy-to-consume way.

    If you’re new to vlogging, here are four tips from video marketing expert and owner of Dead Ready Productions, Chris Tongue.

    1. Be consistent

      It’s really important to produce your vlogs regularly. They don’t have to be released every Thursday at 12pm, but releasing videos consistently will reinforce an impression of reliability. Create a vlogging schedule and make sure it’s easy to stick to.
    2. Make your vlogging easy

      Be sure to allow enough time to write and plan each video and choose how you’ll produce them. Increasingly, businesses are recruiting their own in-house teams to plan, produce and publish their own videos, but if your business isn’t there yet, consider using an external production company.
    3. Think about your audience

      There’s no such thing as a captive audience online, the only reason they’ll watch is because you’re relevant, so make sure you’re confident you know who your audience is and that you’re giving them something they want. Think about your brand’s style, and make sure it comes across in the way you present your vlog. For example, if your product is relatively abstract - as it can be in financial services - try adding motion graphics to explain the concept.
    4. Short is sweet

      Attention spans online are pretty short. Only 59% of people will watch a one-minute video all the way through so, if you go over that, make sure you’re being as concise as possible and ensure you get the important stuff in early to hook viewers in.If you’d like to know more about vlogging, you can tweet Chris, or contact him here.
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