Our next highlights video from Humans Under Management comes from KBA Financial director Sarah Hogan.

    In her talk, she argues that questions like "when do you want to retire?" are the wrong starting point when it comes to helping clients live the lives they want. 

    Instead, she calls on planners to gear the conversation around something more compelling - the quest for financial independence. 

    Sarah talks about how concepts such as retirement, and even the thinking behind the state pension, have become outdated.

    With people living longer, and the first person to live to 150 years old having already been born, she says clients' and planners' mindsets need to change accordingly. 

    Sarah also shares the practical ways her firm encourages clients to engage with saving towards financial independence.

    This includes breaking life stages down into paydays to clearly articulate the reality and the shortfall between saving 5 per cent of your pay packet each month versus what's actually needed to sustain a 20-year period (or more) with no earnings.

    You can find out more about Humans Under Management here

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