How to find your purpose, ignite your passion and unleash your power

    The best thing about the future is that it hasn’t happened yet; the even better thing about the future is that, when it does, it is going to happen one day at a time.

    There is nothing as sure as change – it’s part of life! But those who embrace it will be rewarded with a more enjoyable journey to achieving their true potential, both personally and professionally.

    After you read this article, I want you to go back into your businesses with your eyes wide open. I need you to see your business in a way that you have never seen it before. Have a look around and ask yourself what is going on, who is doing what and how? Never stop asking: do we need to do this? And if the answer is “yes”, is it being done in the most efficient and effective way possible?

    I speak with advisers and planners every day and it is remarkable how driven they are, and how dedicated to delivering amazing outcomes for clients. BUT they continue to be prevented from doing so because of The 7 Pains!™ – pains which are strangling them and their business every day:

    • A lack of buy-in from their team
    • A lack of business direction and leadership skills
    • No real clarity about their businesses’ financial position
    • No clearly designed and repeatable service/client journey
    • Ineffective communication methods
    • Out-of-date or unsuitable IT tools and systems
    • A lack of resources and appropriate skills

    Over the years, we have helped many firms take their business back to basics and redesign how they do what they do from the ground up. Through a simple process we have brought their focus back to the areas of their business that matter the most. These are The 8 Principles of WOWW!™:

    Their purpose! Why do they exist as a business and why should anyone care?

    Their plan! What are they trying to achieve as a business, and what is the plan to achieve it?

    Their financials (£)! What is their number, how do they track it, and how do they share this information with the team?

    Their proposition! What are they doing, for whom, and what does it look and feel like once it has been delivered?

    Their protection! What are the rules of the game, how are things done, who is responsible for what, and what is the process to ensure the ‘best way’ of doing something always stays?

    Their pitch! What is the message, how are they communicating, to whom and when?

    Their platform! What tools and systems are they using and how do they know they are, and remain, more than fit for purpose?

    Their people! What roles do they need in their future business? Who do they have in their business now? Are these people the right fit in every way for what the business needs and where it is heading?

    We can all survive, but if you want to really thrive as a business, you need to start thinking and acting like a business. You need to be firing on all cylinders... your batteries need to be charged, the barrel loaded and ready to feel like you have literally been shot out of a rocket, rather than shot by a rocket! The 8 Principles of WOWW!™ will help you on this journey – learn them, love them, live them and start to watch the magic happen!

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