Our latest illuminate live series of events continues with Julie Littlechild, chief executive of Absolute Engagement. 

    Julie looks at how everything has changed over the past year, and how your client experience also needs to change to reflect what clients need right now. 

    She shares international research on how clients felt as the pandemic struck and the initial phase of lockdown kicked in -  with some interesting results. 

    The findings suggest that how clients are feeling can have potentially have a direct impact on how they feel about your business. In some cases, this can cause clients to question whether advisers are delivering what they need. 

    Julie talks about how "service is the baseline", and moving your firm beyond good service to delivering a compelling offering as well as demonstrating leadership.

    She discusses the difference between client feedback and client input, and how you can start to change up the client conversation to provide more personalised support on the things they care about.

    In particular, she flags how client concerns appear to have shifted to reflect a different set of challenges including health and wellness, second careers and caring for ageing parents. 

    You can watch the replay of Julie's talk here, where you can also find out more information about illuminate live focus and register your place for future sessions. 

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