Today’s world is a strange old place. In a time of post-truth politics, it seems to be a battle of whoever shouts loudest takes the prize.

    Social media amplifies voice and opinion, providing a platform for many who would otherwise be (rightly) ignored. It’s becoming painful, sifting through ‘clickbait’ marketing messages like: "The only two things you need on your website to win high-net-worth clients. Find out what they are now! Click here!’" Really? I thought not.

    Such tosh. Thankfully, advisers don’t fall for this stuff…

    Content is king, but it’s a crown shared with many others. So how do advisers cut through the noise and engage a target audience with content that is relevant and appealing?

    It’s no surprise that considered thought, a clear plan and the tenacity, traction and stamina to see it through are the keys to success. Too many content marketing campaigns fail as they are short-term focused.  

    If buying leads is akin to renting, then inbound marketing is paying off the mortgage. It takes time but the end result is far more valuable.

    As a method for generating new business opportunities, it has been proven credible. It’s built on the premise of people using the internet as a research and validation tool. As we know, most of the buying decision now takes place before the prospect has met you. By as much as 75 per cent, according to some researchers - although they probably shouted the loudest...

    Online is where the value of content or inbound marketing is realised: helping you engage prospective clients throughout their journey from awareness to consideration to conversion. Being at the start of this journey is essential.

    How does it work? No prizes for guessing you start with knowing who you want to attract: your target persona. And success is all in the planning - get it right and the rest becomes easier.

    You’ll need to have established a framework for success that includes a marketing infrastructure that presents the credibility of the firm. You have to look good; you and the business. It’s a people game, after all. From there you need to ensure your content reaches your audience through the right channels.  

    Creating the right type of content is not easy. Start with the persona: map content ideas to the challenges and issues they face. Consider what content you’re offering, looking at both primary content such as white papers, guides and checklists,  and secondary such as blogs and podcasts.

    Primary is the content offer - of enough value that someone will give their email address in return for access to it. The email is what you want - it allows you to nurture the prospect, building a relationship over time so that at the point of need, it’s you they turn to.   

    Apply this marketing model and support it with the right level of activity and a consistent flow of enquiries will be the result. We know, we’ve seen it happen.  

    It all sounds straightforward but of course, what about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)? Is this a dark cloud on the horizon ready to dampen the hearts of every content marketer, as restrictions on data use mean you can’t get great content in front of your audience? We don’t think so.  

    GDPR is an opportunity for those that want to share relevant, valuable content with their audience. It qualifies and raises the bar in content creation. It’s a little like the RDR, forcing change for the good, a barrier to those less progressive marketers and an opportunity for those that are at the forefront.

    GDPR forces marketers to produce better and more relevant content, ensuring it hits the mark with the audience. Poor quality content distributed to a broad audience will only fail. The right to be forgotten is all their's.

    We know content marketing is here to stay. We’re seeing firms increase online enquiries at a greater rate than referrals.

    Content marketing isn’t exclusive - it supports referrals and more traditional channels - but to do it right there needs to be a shift in the marketing culture within firms. For those that make this change, the post-GDPR future looks bright.

    Jon is speaking about content marketing in a post-GDPR world at our Illuminate live events next month. To register, click here

    To download the Nucleus white paper GDPR: A guide for financial advisers, prepared in partnership with Phil Young of Zero Support, click here

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