Wrapping up our Humans Under Management highlights reel is Standards International founder and director Michelle Hoskin (aka Little Miss Woww).

    In this talk, Michelle makes a powerful case for looking at financial wellbeing through a very different lens - remembering to put yourself first. 

    She points out that while financial planners spend a lot of time designing the ideal future life of their clients, they can often neglect building an ideal life for themselves.

    Michelle argues when things aren't quite right in a business, whether that's a slip in standards or a team that's lost their way, it can usually be traced back to issues that the owner manager may themselves be grappling with. 

    She talks about the stark reality faced by some planners, and shares research findings on what creates happiness and wellbeing.

    She looks at some of the main factors behind happiness, including the people you surround yourself with, your life outside of the profession, not being defined by your job and your ability to give yourself and your time. 

    You can find out more about Humans Under Management here

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