Small changes can make a big impact. If nothing else, the way we’ve so quickly adapted to video conferencing over the last 18 months tells us that. But what other tech tools are firms now using to improve their client experience?

    In this article I’m going to share some ideas on how you can implement simple pieces of tech into your advice process easily and quickly. Ideas that will make a big impact on your productivity, and most importantly, your client experience.

    For many firms the adoption of video conferencing was the start of engaging with their clients digitally. Rise in the use of video conferencing technologies like Zoom, Teams or Google Meet since the onset of Covid-19 has been absolutely massive. In December 2019 the number of daily meeting participants on Zoom was 10 million. By March 2020 this had risen to 200 million and by the end of the year it was 350 million.

    This virtual contact with clients gave rise to the adoption of other technologies in the advice process such as client portals, secure messaging, online document sharing, eSignature tools or online factfinding, to name just a few.

    There is a myriad of great tools out there that you can implement quickly and very cost effectively to support your interactions with their clients. All of these can be used independently, and most provide easy ways for you to integrate them into any existing website or client digital offering you might have. 

    Let me give you a few examples to get you started…

    1. Appointment books apps

    Don’t you hate it when you end up playing email or telephone tennis with a client trying to tie down a meeting date? This problem can be solved easily by adopting an appointment booking app. These allow your clients to book a slot in your diary through your website or client portal.

    Calendly, Timely and Appointed are all worth looking at and they are incredibly cost effective.

    They send out reminders, integrate with your existing Outlook or Google calendars and you can connect in Zoom or Teams so that a video conference is automatically added to the appointment.

    At moneyinfo we work with an increasing number of advice firms who have integrated a calendar booking tool into their portal to allow clients to easily book their review meetings. It’s a better experience for you and for your client.

    2. Voice transcription tools

    These use natural language processing to automatically transcribe your client or other meetings.

    Natural language processing is a form of artificial intelligence where computers understand what we say and the context of the words we are using. It’s what digital assistants like Siri and Alexa use, and it’s also used by voice transcription services like

    These services produce a transcript of your discussions instantly, freeing you up from taking notes at meetings so you can focus on the conversation rather than scribbling everything down.

    The transcription can be formatted into your meeting notes and it gives you a detailed compliant audit trail of what was discussed.

    3. Video messaging

    This is a really nice way to get a message to your client that’s engaging and a lot quicker than typing out a long response to a query. I was introduced to one of these tools, Loom, by one of my financial planner clients.

    He sends our support and adoption team video messages about projects we are working on together. He uses video messages to send updates to clients through his client portal, to answer questions or walk through a report on screen.

    It’s really been a game-changer for him on getting clear messages across in an engaging way. So I tried it myself. I was able to produce my first video message within minutes of signing up, and it’s incredibly cost effective.

    These are just a few of the tools advice and financial planning firms are introducing to streamline on-boarding and support the client review process or ongoing servicing. They complement your advice service, keeping it personalised and high touch.

    They reduce cost and risk whilst delivering a great client experience on the devices your clients are using. So why not make your small change today?

    You can watch the replay of Tessa's recent presentation at illuminate live here

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