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    Learn from top-quality speakers and engage with like-minded advisers at a day full of insights at illuminate live…

    Illuminate live has been designed to provide you with access to some of the best thought leaders in the industry delivering relevant, engaging and actionable content. With no product push, the only cost to you is the time away from your desk.

    Registration is currently on hold and dates for 2020 events will be published soon. If you would like any further information please contact the events team,

    Learn from four industry experts…

    Catherine Morgan
    The Money Panel

    How financial coaching can future proof your business

    We know that there is a strong calling for better financial education. This presentation will show you what financial coaching is, why it is important and how having an emotional connection with clients will help you spot their money blocks, help them stick to your advice and future proof your business.

    Neil Bage

    The evolution of human behaviour, and why it matters

    It’s taken 5 million years to evolve into today’s Homo sapien. But along the way, our behaviours have evolved in their own unique way. Neil will focus on our evolution and the behaviours that impact our every decision. It will highlight those key behaviours that play a fundamental role in financial success and suggest practical ways of using this behavioural insight for the benefit of customers. 

    Phil Bray
    The Yardstick Agency

    12 practical steps to maximise your marketing impact and reach

    We know that financial advisers and planners often find it hard to market their business effectively. This presentation will show you how to identify your goals, create detailed client personas and take practical steps to improve the effectiveness of your marketing.

    Fiona Tait
    Intelligent Pensions

    Pension transfers – the adviser’s perspective

    Fiona will provide an overview of the changes to regulation as well as the steps taken by Intelligent Pensions to comply with them, with the aim of assisting other adviser firms to proactively identify and implement any changes necessary to continue offering DB transfer advice.

    Six dates and locations…

    All of our illuminate live sessions begin at 9.15am for registration with a welcome at 9.45am. The first workshop begins at 10am and we finish with drinks at 3pm.

    4 June – Belfast

    Maldron City Hotel, 20 Brunswick Street, Belfast BT2 7GE

    5 June – London

    etc.venues St Paul’s, 200 Aldersgate, London EC1A 4HD

    6 June – Birmingham

    Malmaison, 1 Wharfside Street, Birmingham B1 1RD

    11 June – Bristol

    Aztec Hotel, Almondsbury, Bristol BS32 4TS

    12 June – Leeds

    The Studio, Whitehall Road, Riverside West, Leeds LS1 4AW

    13 June – Glasgow

    The Studio, 67 Hope Street, Glasgow G2 6AE

    What illuminate live promises

    Value for time

    Running a world-class advice business means you are time poor that is why iluminate live is packed full of relevant, engaging and actionable content ensuring that your time away from your desk is worth it. 

    No product push

    When you come to an event the last thing you want is to be sold to. At illuminate live there is no product push from Nucleus or anybody else. The only focus of the event is helping you to create incredible client outcomes.

    Top class speakers

    Illuminate live is one of the few events in the industry where you can get access to top quality speakers where the only cost to you is your time. Our speakers will enlighten, challenge and entertain you throughout the day.

    As well as feeling inspired and ready to tackle your business challenges in creative and innovative ways, you will also receive up to four hours of CPD and a very tasty lunch. 

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